Pool Care Services

We provide Pool Care Services in San Ramon and the East Bay Areas. We provide cleaning schedules and services to meet your specific needs.
We provide full service, cleaning, repair, and equipment installation services for pools and spas, click below to view our customizable pool cleaning options. Contact us today to develop a plan for your specific pool or spa needs.
In addition to basic or extensive pool cleaning services, we perform filter cleanings, drain pools and perform chemical pool start-up, perform pool service orientations, and provide emergency service calls.

Pool Repair & Installation

Advance Pool Care provides a variety of pool repair and installation services including auto–filler installation to maintain proper pool water level, bubble cover installation to help with water evaporation, drain cover installation. We can also install a new Jandy Variable Speed e-Pump to save you money and energy.
We also repair minor leaks on equipment, replace thermal solar panels, and can troubleshoot and repair faulty heating systems. Regardless of the problem with your pool, Advance Pool Care can help.

Equipment Sales & Installation

We repair and install a variety of pool equipment and accessories, including high efficiency pool pumps, pool sweeps, and custom pool covers. Contact us to schedule a free consultation for equipment installation or replacement.
Auto-filler installation
Maintain a proper pool water level.
Filter Cleaning
Performed on a as-needed basis quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.
Pool Start-up
We balance pool chemicals after a pool remodel or pool draining.
Controller Programming
We can help with programming updates and equipment/electronic demonstrations.
Heater Service
Call us to troubleshoot and repair your system.
Minor Leak Detection
We can spot and repair pool equipment leaks.
Thermal Solar
We provide thermal solar panel replacement and minor panel leak repairs and install of temperature sensors.
Vacuum to Waste Pools
Take your pool from green to crystal clear.
Supplies & Chemicals
We carry a wide selection of high-quality products from trusted brands.