Pool Care Plans

Advance Pool Care has many customizable pool cleaning schedules and services to meet your specific pool’s needs.
We will always leave you with a sparkling clean pool that’s ready for use anytime. Contact us today to develop a plan for your specific pool or spa needs.

Chem Only

This service includes a weekly chemical balancing ONLY. This is a cost-effective option for those interested in minimal service but want to ensure that their pool water is balanced, clean and safe to use.

Full Service

Very similar to the Chem Plus service with inclusion of vacuuming the bottom of the pool. This package is recommended to keep your pool and pool equipment working optimally.

Chem Plus

This package includes weekly chemical balance, brushing pool walls and steps, removal of surface leaves on top of the pool and debris from skimmer, pump basket, and pool sweep bag. Also includes minor equipment diagnostics.

Additional Services

In addition to basic or extensive pool cleaning services, we drain pools and perform chemical pool start-up, pool cover measurement and installation (bubble cover only), pool service orientation, and emergency service calls. Read more about our additional services here.